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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Painting for McKinley

  • Word Art
    • symbology -
      • Ohm
      • Yin-Yang
      • Infinity
      • Peace
      • Love
      • Harmony
  • Top List:
      • compasion
    • LOVE
      • amor
      • felicidad
      • ambicion
    • FREEDOM 
      • libertad
  • Bottom List 
    • Earth
      • la TIERRA
    • Wind
      • el VIENTO
    • Fire
      • el FUEGO
    • Water 
      • el AGUA


Its definition is to
'Roll on the floor,
and laugh my ass off!'
Most folks usually
express in writing or text:
- laugh my butt off...
(afraid of the word 'ass')
I laugh more boisterously
and even harder
Much more freely...
for --
No Sociopath,
Energy Vampire,
or any other trumpy Nazi
- control freak -
can ever out-shine
our Natural,
#1 Star
El Sol...
baja la mano, tontito.
hazte a un lado...
move aside.
all night long.
So I can get ready
each morning for work,
and arrive to
the bus stop,
and salute the sun
for a dose of ten minutes.
At the end of the day
at times literally
no one
knows just how
happy and carefree
I really am.
Feel the sun's rays
within you,
and somewhere,
sometime in your life:
all you want!

Prompt for writing this at Tumblewords 9JAN2016
with McKinley Cougar of Jupiter's Junkies & Strategic Investments
"Escape with Writing"

  • Reverse Syntax
    • subject - verb - subject
    • Give an old cliche/idiom a New Meaning
      • "tapar el sol con un dedo" (Spanish)
        • means: to cover the sun with a finger tip

Flight to Sanctuary

As I'd already flown through
dust storms and evaded hail,
the roof of my house
wants to cave.
I cannot be my neighbors' slave...
I have awakened
erect and perched!
Claws clenching
not searching for prey...
However, steadfast --
Ready to defend...
my creations are my offspring.
They must be delivered.
Dare anyone try to trigger
Harm and Anger towards
a Lover, neighbor, a sister,
or myself --
Just because a son is younger
or the original elderly Hippie
literally Loves you unconditionally...
Just because I called to see if you're okay
Just because I helped save a roof
 from falling on someone's head
-- because I helped organize our kitchen
 so we can each eat
on a clean surface...
Just because I let my Lover
in from the fierce winds and snow...
This gives you nor them -
the vampires, haters, and discriminators -
Any right to embrace each of us:
Compassionate Survivors
(your Helpers and Protectors)
with croche'ed scarves of barbed wire...
Because our Ambitions are
to teach you to Love in return...
we have to equally restrain you
with Words of certain endearment
- no unecessary emotions involved
- and strong words of Encouragement
-- but
So what if I am
an older educated eagle?
I will snatch you or the ones I love
with my enraged clenching claws,
and carry someone to a safe, warm place...
or a Shelter where one will do no harm...
Somewhere -
between the Organs and the Franklins
I can soar Placidly...
The golden sun sets
on a desert rose sky.
Prompt for writing this at Tumblewords 9JAN2016
with McKinley Cougar of Jupiter's Junkies & Strategic Investments
"Escape with Writing"
    • Compassion
    • Love
    • Scarves
    • Embrace
      • abstract thoughts:
        •  Ambition
        • Happiness
        • Encouragement (towards others)
    • Agism
    • Psychological Abuse
    • Homeless Epidemic
      • Objective is for the Protagonist to Escape this Conflict.
  • PROTAGONIST: Animal} Eagle (White Eagle)
    • Setting: The Organ & Franklin Mountains
    • Alternative Adjective: Educated

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Two Soup Bowls

Warm soup
from my kitchen
carried onto

small spoon
within your strong hands
they carry with care
seasoned with hints of
... white light shining
up above
highlighting your sweet lips
lips about taste
such a soup
Blessed they are...
cared for and loved...
each morsel consumed
is as delicious
as a caring kiss
sweet and sensible
never cruel
nor apprehensible
warm, hot soup
then passing
caressing each taste bud
falling and caressing
your core...
that core which beats
it beats...
for my soul...
and mine for yours.
-- Chevalterre Nabil, 20 Sept 2015

Juarez Issues 2015 Chibi version

Como trucha
esta Mujer
Karlita la Norteña
a la lucha
... a chaleco
... chingarrrrr....
toda mujer
por todo el mundo
es sagrada
... sicarios mas nacos
que se jodan entre si
y dejen al los demas en
no pas!

Save Your Beef

steak seasoned
well done fajitas with fresh onions
small bits of muenster with a slight melt
topped with:
cherry tomatoes
baby spinach
sunflower sprouts
a hint of love...
a.k.a. chile powder from a sweetheart
... 'never overdo the sour cream',
it is said in Hispanic and Latino households...
each day
is more
, more
, and more scarce
by the hour
and second!
No one is perfect
.. don't call anything off
if you didn't dot an 'i',
didn't cross a 't'
the latest generations
won't ever have to stress over that
when they wave their hands over screens
to find
cures for cancers
ways to save the planets
and teach the right battles
to obtain world peace...
money never really existed...
we push to obtain digital credits
to keep roofs over our heads...
let's build some more communes.
the corn taco shells holding my food
were given to me by a roommate as I moved into the house
zucchini and sprouts were a surprise
someone else's surplus
no one wanted to see any of it
go to waste.
organic baby spinach came with a 50-cent discount
no one wants to carry heavy coins
sour cream is a dollar less in a tube
hangin' on to old plastic buckets means
you may be hoarding too many
chile powder was quickly exchanged
for the bracelet I gave
to the person I love...
The bracelet says H-U-G-S.
Hugs are always free at the Hippy Shack
They're always free if you run into me...
Still much cheese left,
as my lover and I had made lasagna with it
the other day.
cherry tomatoes,
in three large cups
and so many beautiful
and deliciously growing onions
and buds
they had filled my bags
at the last, of the last
food distributions
we're still looking for
a non-profit sponsor...
the people of the community
wait three entire hours
sometimes at the very least
to fill up
our fridges and cupboards
of someone else's surplus...
no one wants to throw it away...
and shamefully...
someone wanted to throw away
a half-pound steak
restaurant left overs
... I don't buy beef,
for I am fed up
with having known for decades
that not all cattle are treated well...
cut into it and read the muscles' nerves...
I asked for the box.
It was placed in my hands.
And even though four full tacos
filled with all kinds of food
that others didn't want to see go to waste,
have become both lunch and supper.
Today, I just couldn't
make it to the farm gig.
My co-worker's truck broke down.
so we lose a three-hour wage for the week.
but we gain much by communicating solutions
as to how we can save ourselves
and not go to waste.
- Chevalterre Nabil Sept 2015

........... You are welcome to continue by viewing this video:

Posted by Gumbi Ortiz on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Love You Still

I am sorry.
I cannot be There,
where You'd like me to...
the way I used to be.
It's a painful process....
when you think of me,
I think of you
When you yearn to feel me near,
the pain shared -
I endure.
the form to cure:
to write and call...
Call or write.
I am always here.
-- 13Jun2015, C.N.

Iron? Knot! Sew! (Irony? Not So!)

She felt the noose around her neck
wanting to tighten
She felt that noose around her neck
trying to tighten
She'd reach for it
when it wasn't there
She'd assimilate tightening it
and nothing hurt
But why did that noose insist?
Why did it persist?
In choking her so....
so... she sews
threading through needles
to mend and sew...
She mends and sews...
threading little needles
she mends and sews!
Mending, colors blending
the mind no longer bending
threads manipulated
folded and bending
through the eye of Silver...
Mending, colors bending
the mind tried and bending
hindering Knot
and ties
in the Mind!
Thoughts had twisted
morbid feelings misting...
No, no, no, no more!
Why Not?
sew, so
she threaded and mended....
so so
the colors healing
and harmonized....
noose around neck
was sent to heck...
dissintigrating to dust
feeling no morbid lust...
dissintigrating to dust
desert sand between her toes...
- Chevalterre Nabil
13 JUNE 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Juarez Issues 4th anniversary

cuando el gobierno Mexicano comienze a cooperar y darnos doble ciudadania...
cuando la gente de DF (no importa en que parte del mundo esten) que abusan y odian al resto de Mexico (incluyendo a cualquier persona que consideren "mexa"... a lo mejor me interesaria un poquitititito mas el deseo de regresar a trabajar o visitar...
pero, Dios y nomas el Señor- es quien sabra cuando se vayan a calmar aquellos quienes siguen abusando. Porque la realidad esque llevan generaciones continuando sus problemas en Japon, EEUU, y otros paises. Y otras gentes siguen el eco/el patron de sus maldades.

This note is a written thought inspired from the campaign Diario de Juarez (video attached), as well as experiences from travels and tours in Japan in 20012 and one of Ms. Karla's last art gigs in El Paso prior to needing to move to New Mexico...
-- the video is intended to be inspiring and motivating to Juarences.
-- the blog post is to voice what a binational still struggles with in thought.
_____ thank you for reading. do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chucanito Infatuations

(for Mr. de Anda, from Ms. Nabil)

The gentle giant steps aboard the bus
sitting a seat away from the lady weaving freehand
he checks her out and smiles gallantly...
No, he does not check out her cleavage.
No, he does not check out her hips.
He doesn't even check for makeup or jewelry.
She's a lady.
She's not flaunted anything...
until she notice what he is checking out...
She then keeps busting her moves:
digits dancing
digits dressed and draped
in burgundy and aqua tones...
embroidery floss in varied lengths
twisted, kinked, and knotted...
manipulated to her liking...
by the meatiness and bellies of each of her fingers.
the gentle giant asks what she does with her creations.
she describes it in brief
She delights his eyes, with treasures finished in her bag...
in black, red, gold, and green...
he nearly lusts, and holds himself back.
He's not going to shop on the bus.
He warmly opens up to tell her of his crafty traits
airbrushing on leather and suede...
will he get the job at Lucchese?
She recommends Rocketbuster, too!
Silent pause...
She looks up and introduces herself
they shake hand...
their conversation continued and flowed
in one and two languages
switched and combined
consistently flowing
each, never doubting
never hesitating...
Silent pause...
they each wonder:
'How do I get to see her again?'
'I wonder if he'd like to continue this conversation.
but it doesn't have to be..."
Before she continues,
he asks how he can get a hold of her.
She offers her information
with her pseudonym...
He writes his full name...
Being new to town and no means of communication yet...
tall man
from Brownsville...
some long gone forgotten creative of El Chuco...
commuting from the Crossroads
to the Sun City...
nearly always working.
She's glad she didn't get a ride
and walked to catch the bus to work.
Or she'd never have met this kind creative soul.
Time is all there is now...
to tell another day of how this friendship
may continue.

-- Chevalterre Nabil​

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vida Jodida

30 APR 2015

al amor le encanta joder
porque se me parte el alma
se me parte el corazon
de no haber recibido algun texto
alguna llamada
algun cariño
Cualquier Noticia
de tantos de ustedes...
Año tras año -
añadir y añadirrrrrrrr.....
como nos hemos jodido uno al otro
porque asi lo hacemos
tan queridos amigos...
que se joda uno a la otra
el otro a una
vice versa
versos se dicen...
versos de mi mente seccionada
mi mente escapando
al olvido surreal...
intentando recordarlos
a cada uno de ustedes....
un chingo-mil de ustedes....
quienes casi ya no nos conocemos...
por habernos ocultado
detras de los androides...
el no sentir nada
ni en el corazon
Porque somos androides...
ni de carne
ni de huezo...
- aquella tarde cuando conoci
un hombre joven de cuarenta y pico
el setenta-y-tres porciento de su columna
columna metalica
mientras tardara un año en establecerce
en su sistema
el huye del frio...
en fin, el sonrie.
Ya no esta moribundo...
su vida previa jodida
hasta casi morir.
el sonrie
su cuerpo enderesado...
mientras el mio
de carne y huezo
con la misma alma
vieja, aburrida, jodida
de sangrando
enderesada por ser saciada
saciada por el espiritu del por alla
le puedo resar a Alah, Jesus, Buddha, Krshna
a los mensajeros y los angeles les puedo cantar...
porque el ser jodido
es ser bendecido
con el haber podido Vivir.
Doy gracias hoy...
por poder escribir este poema.
... esta cancion...
.... joder.
y aunque moribunda
sere yo...
- Je suis Chevalterre Nabil

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crash Into Me

Chevalterre Nabil - 2NOV14

Time Travelling
to the late 1990's
- The Honch,
Dobuita street
- Illustrating my
sexy-drunken state
onto the pages
of my portfolio...
started with red ink,
(one of my shippy-shipmates
said I'd make a great tattoo artist,
he was partially right.)
I developed
a new technique
while ever
being unable
to find that
Chu-Hi stand --
my co-workers' rendezvous...
(I had imagined them huddled
in the middle of the street...
I sensed no freestyle beats
to jam to...)
So I'd end up
admiring the Mama San's
fashion and elegance
inside a pub
dared to be called
the Cotton Club!
and there was
the bar tender...
despite her
smoked up -
brittle -
rotting teeth,
... I would play
this Dave Matthews song
(I borrow the title
just for this poem)
and other cool shit
on the juke box,
while I ate gyouza
and chugged a Chu-hi
about 4 times larger
than the little cans
my shippy-shipmates
were prolly sippin' on...
We drank in the same neighborhood
at the same time...
Just never in the same place...
1998 Time Travel.
So the...
Drunken Japanese businessman
would borrow my ink
he'd doodle his techniques
into his notebook
- he wanted to try me and taste the artist
cold & senseless alley
May-December romance...
just there was no point
except to feel
my own libido
because I illustrated
a dedication
to the 2nd Division's
drunken states...
nobody gave a shit.
We were young
and we were free
for a few hours...
never sleeping
on the streets...
never imprisoned
... filthy taboo lies
of society...
filthy nevertheless
were the Honch's vibes!
Thus filthy were the colors
filling in the red lines
of my drunken,
sex-drenched ...
interpreted design.
- I became a Sailor...
Life could never be the same.
I was addicted to nothing...
it was time to sober up.
But I want to be drunk!
As I always Love Life...
as well as my friends...
I wanna feel the crash!
sweet Chu-His on each pair of lips!
flesh on flesh...
of monogamous pairs
& random couples
a rare threesome...
straggled to their designated

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Chevalterre Nabil
...was only moments
for it to take place
The Attack.
Suddenly Silent
reports written.
reports proofread.
reports edited.
reports filed.
phone calls made.
pushing to heal -
pushing to heal -
pushing to heal -
breathing unhindered
muscles not sore
the mind is strong
components of the body
have done
as they
needed to.
root of the problem
is to be plucked
far beyond our reach
people to be approached
actions to be questioned
- 'if it's not Love.
then, it's Not Fun'
while I maintain
my poker face...
they go gaga over machines
machines which master
their minds
the androids
they have become...
not human
lack of moral capacities
the disregard
the iDon'tGiveAFffffffffff!!!!!
Sssssss- ist ist ist static attitude
Cartman characters
just do whatever
they want
- Just don't kill Kenny!
but they do it anyway

Friday, October 24, 2014

Simple Silver

Chevalterre Nabil
- 24 OCT 2014
I was raised by Bizarro
Thus, ...
Bizarre things I am used to.
the Silver Linings of Life
only make things simpler...
Simplicities of Life
Light my path
quite rather Brighter...
My girlfriend Simplicity
fed me Silver.
First taste was light.
Changes are slight.
Muscular at first, it seems.
Collarbones used to Never,
ever hurt
while I coughed.
My throat rejected a vitamin ...
I choked on it last Tuesday...
airway blocked
by a dissolving vitamin
tried the nose
blocked by congestions
in lieu of allergens
spraying through the air
dissolve, vitamin
vitamin, dissolve
while my mind
is in mind
the soul shan't travel
not far at all...
Your self is safe:
saved myself...
the process of pains
ever so different
has it become...
anxiety without attacks
memories without seizing flashbacks!
a new kind of yearning
a new sort of sorrow
a new type of euphoria
a new emotion which has not been named!
all of my auras are embraced
tickled and caressed
have you hugged someone lately?
Beginning With Yourself!!!
it's only getting harder
to find or connect with any lover.
Too lonely.
I somehow had sought...
for a long time. ...
I yearn to hear your voice.
you may forget to call
you may neglect to fall
head over heels
over the one thing you want from me...
the blood thirsts for its own blood
left... yo left...
yo left, right...
in and out the ventricles...
pumpin' through our arteries and veins...
will we match?
we're each a good catch.
You'll never have to say you
Love Me.
I already knew you Did.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Plush Forest Survival

Fluffy Bunnies
hopping along

Teddy Bears
smiling at me...
(repeat 3x)

Residing all throughout
the enchanted forest...

as I walk along
connecting with all I love...
but what
do I see?

Why are you sad,
little puppy?

and Puppy says to me}

" There is a vast,
enormous ocean...
it is endless!
- of possibilities,
and opportunities!

into it I want to go!!

But in such heavy,
aggressive seas,
I cannot swim."

- Worry yourself not, Puppy friend.

I am a colorful Peacock
with reflective feathers
to signal our friend,
the Whale
to this placid beach.
The ocean's end...

Whale comes right along...
Whale is warm,
and inviting...

"Wipe your tears away,
sad Puppy...

A ride I shall
provide to thee!"

- A big tall leap,
the puppy jumped!
Happily navigating
atop the whale.

Puppy & Whale
exchanging stories
along their way...
fluffy bears
and bunnies
'fair thee well'

as they face to the horizon.

Heart of the Wise

Heart of Wisdom
Heart of Gold...
I shall don it
like a crown
reaching high up
to the sky...

from the heavens
ascends the wise owl...
the Oracle!

it kindly perches
atop the heart
as the heart beats...
its rhythm sets the cadence
Heavy-footed on the
.. Left...
.. .. Left... Right

A Sailor's cadence
must be sung
harmoniously by a strong voice

When in unison
with a family
... a team
it gains force

Life Force Consciousness

with discipline...

Harmonious songs, lyrics, poems,
stories of experiences
with focus...


create your own
form of the Vedas...
de tu Vida
tu consciencia!

Life Force Consciousness

feel good
.. feel safe
.. .. feel fine!

At Ease.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pocket Filled with Red

I'll wear a pocket filled with red,
my attire in black and white...
mostly stripes...
I never was a lost child.
but as a child I'd lost my way...
The spirits still guide.
By their rules I must abide.
To reinvent and create...
to meditate as I weave...
macrame of black & white stripes -
and pendants of mostly red.
Patriotic & Protesting
for true to our roots we are.
Red, White, Blue...
Black and Yellow.
Cardinal Directions...
Honoring reflections -
of messages told
by ancestral spirits on sacred lands.
Praying to the North,
and some water to our Mother.
I'll wear my pocket filled with red...
the penca de nopal
adorning my forehead
a quite large green bindi...
with curly afro hair...
proudly don my crown -
The languages I speak
sharpen my Eagle beak
Silver tongue as I open up to speak!
Kindly, with compassion.
Mis polluelos y polluelas
no desamparen!
Do not give up!!
We will never be erased.
We fight for this land!
We fight for Our Culture!
Nuestra cultura.
Nuestras raices.
For when the narrow minded
'black & white' fool
begins to clown around...
out of my pocket -
filled with the Red
bandana -
replacing the rainbow butterflies...
They will ask why.
I'll tell them, do not cry.
For it is in you too - to don
from Your own pocket filled with red.
the color of the path
to which we each belong.
Do not put it over your eyes.
For we are not that easily blinded.
Don it on your head,
underlining your crown.
no fair frowning, little clown.
just be happy, and proud
to be Brown.
- Chevalterre Nabil ( KLRabstracts)
15 June 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Prose & Prayer

Chevalterre Nabil - 3NOV2013

In a lover's embrace
As I looked up at his face...
Rama's Eyes appeared for a moment.

In a child's tickle
As we made up games...
Christ's Warmth filled my senses.

Amidst destitute and hardship
my deceased ex held me tightly!
He took me back to where we once were...

In a catatonic episode
as my voice did leave me
Mohammed (Allah) directed me to Pray...

Great Grandmother in Reconnection
Honoring the Earth
Said, "Everything will be okay."

During an ultrasound of the ER...
Buddha's Radiance Shown!
in the black and white sideways screen...

Amidst the Winter Meditation:

Friend & I Rang Bells
My visions were flushed
of fuscia and orange...

The flying green Elephant
Joyfully Venerates our Lord
Dancing East to West...

God's Eye's reciprocation
Diagonal Ascension!
Bathed in ever-waving Rainbows...

Centered upon my meditative vision...

Centered within the Triangle}
- the number Three
- Holy Trinity

He sees me...
I see Him...

He says "I am HERE"
I acknowledge His Presence
Feeling his Unconditional Love...

Devoted to the Universe
& Her Creations

Since the Day of my Birth...
You Know You Were Too.

Seek His Love.
And Ye Shall Find...
Losing count
of the many ways
God says,

Can you count the ways?
Have you noticed when the Lord is near?
Search from the Deep Within.

He is Your Friend.
Shake your Neighbor's Hand.
Sing a song with the Señora
sitting next to you
on the bus.

You will see Him there.
He will see you there.

Monday, February 3, 2014

$4L3Z poems

The Sales Spell
31JAN14 - Chevalterre Nabil - KLR

I'm sellin' fashion

with a passion.

For tomorrow I'll be stashin'
some cash in

my pocket!

Charming the Customer (Sales Pitch)
2FEB14 Chevalterre Nabil - KLR

Hey there Mr. Superman!
you know you so fly man
come on over for a minute
chat with me because you can!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Light of the Heart & Mind

Your mind...
don't leave it there
in the middle of
the bump and grind...
Open up
to something kind
a thought...
in it
you will find

that you never needed
to have fought!
All you ever needed
was to have sought
what you really got...
It ain't ever been
of what's out and about.
bein' exposed to
all of that
has helped you
What is Just
What is Right
Not dark lust
Don't get Lost
Find that Brightness
Feel the Lightness
Walk to it
after walkin'
and marchin'
Mile after Mile
all the while
you have
That Light
providing warmth...
Feel it
en el Corazon
Te late,
te late,
te late...
La Luz...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Black August Video

Video recorded 7 Dec, 2013 - original poem previously blogged 1 Aug, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rap4Peace - Recorded Video

Original Blog - on Calendar Menu: Feb. 2013
Enjoy & Hope you like it!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


this took me 12 years to write...

the phone call to his BEQ at 0200
flashes of the towers on the television
I asked why he was watching a movie
he said, "I gotta drop you off at the ship"
my chest pounded with the news
wiping the sleep that blinded me
my eyes saw -
The Twin Towers...
my ears rang hard at the sound of -
The Pentagon...
and I wondered, what about the Borders?
in my gut, I was certain of schemes
barriers already put up
the sight of sand-colored camos shaking hands with khakis
at the Kitty Hawk Pier frightened me...
my face drenched, not by rain
my bag at the Blue Ridge pier,
not checked 100%
I was the first in the Admin department to return to the ship.
Since Gauthier was shore duty YN2,
shore duty Admin got the first phone calls.
letting go of the comfort
of our somber disturbed...
awake 48 hrs in the office
we'd been glued to the TV screens
we yearned to be there.
yearned to help & rescue.
We had a ship to refurbish.
Watches to stand.
Guns to man.
I prayed
I wished
to never shoot to kill.
Prayers get answered.
Wishes come true.
9-11, not relived
just not forgotten.

Took me 12 years to write this shit.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Morning Chat on Badoo

Love - is not an action.
Love is a way of Life.

 -- many have been, are, will be
boy toys,

 just acting out a stupid role -

but they never achieve being
confidents or best friends.

because they never truly love --
they hate people
for simply understanding
for showing unconditional love.

they have tried everything
to manifest their hatred.

 Love - is not an action.
Love is a way of Life.

The Gurl — 10:52

so what are you looking for here?
The Fella — 10:53
 I am looking for a woman to love, you?
The Gurl  — 10:53
what is love to you?
The Fella— 11:00
caring, honesty, faithful, understanding
- what's love to you?
The Gurl — 11:02
love is a way of life.
The Gurl  — 11:08
;) (she winks)
The Fella — 11:25
The Fella — 11:26
and what do you want on here?
The Gurl  — 12:07
my best friend
The Fella — 12:12
you dont want anything more?
- why?
The Gurl  — 12:13
don't limit your way of thinking
The Fella — 12:14
The Gurl  — 12:15
  -- many have been, are, will be
boy toys,

 just acting out a stupid role -

but they never achieve being
confidents or best friends.

because they never truly love --
they hate people
for simply understanding
for showing unconditional love.

they have tried everything
to manifest their hatred.
 Love - is not an action.
Love is a way of Life.

The Fella — 12:18
 - those words are wise
The Gurl  — 12:21
after many things I've been through.
I didn't "let myself" be had,
I didn't act out on my suicidal thoughts,
I never sought out revenge,
I rescued myself,
I've gained and regained focus
- processed the metanoia
-- I'm still standing.

so when an individual
just won't be a friend to begin with,

I'm out!
The Fella — 12:33
ok, I got you
- you are pretty wise honest woman
 - I like that
The Gurl  — 12:35
:''> (she blushes)
The Fella — 12:47
The Gurl  — 12:47
well yes really you made me blush!

15 Aug. 2013 by Chevalterre Nabil, The Gurl age 35, and The Fella at age 45.

Pear Coccoon



Pretty Pear

your body so lovely
your shape is rare

a shade of green
brown speckles and stem

how was one to know
within you was a gem?



Pretty Pear

sweet are your juices
splashing onto my hair

the deeper I bight
more of the earth I taste

gushing delight
but what is this earthy aftertaste?

within you a chrysalis
within you a cocoon
within you had been a caterpillar
within you a mother's womb

I lament to have eaten you
I lament to have tasted you
I lament to have mistaken you
for a deform-ed seed...

You would have become
Gaia's interweaving
Gaia's macramé ...

with pairs of wings
to fly and flutter

a sight on my eyes
to caress
like bread under butter

you did not say a word
you were so still

you would have been a silky bird
the taste on my teeth is shrill

forgive me would be butterfly
forgive me would be moth

I shall dream of you in flight
I shall dream of your host's delight

My Pear Coccoon,
rest in peace
good night.

Chevalterre Nabil
15 Aug 2013, 2a.m.