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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chucanito Infatuations

(for Mr. de Anda, from Ms. Nabil)

The gentle giant steps aboard the bus
sitting a seat away from the lady weaving freehand
he checks her out and smiles gallantly...
No, he does not check out her cleavage.
No, he does not check out her hips.
He doesn't even check for makeup or jewelry.
She's a lady.
She's not flaunted anything...
until she notice what he is checking out...
She then keeps busting her moves:
digits dancing
digits dressed and draped
in burgundy and aqua tones...
embroidery floss in varied lengths
twisted, kinked, and knotted...
manipulated to her liking...
by the meatiness and bellies of each of her fingers.
the gentle giant asks what she does with her creations.
she describes it in brief
She delights his eyes, with treasures finished in her bag...
in black, red, gold, and green...
he nearly lusts, and holds himself back.
He's not going to shop on the bus.
He warmly opens up to tell her of his crafty traits
airbrushing on leather and suede...
will he get the job at Lucchese?
She recommends Rocketbuster, too!
Silent pause...
She looks up and introduces herself
they shake hand...
their conversation continued and flowed
in one and two languages
switched and combined
consistently flowing
each, never doubting
never hesitating...
Silent pause...
they each wonder:
'How do I get to see her again?'
'I wonder if he'd like to continue this conversation.
but it doesn't have to be..."
Before she continues,
he asks how he can get a hold of her.
She offers her information
with her pseudonym...
He writes his full name...
Being new to town and no means of communication yet...
tall man
from Brownsville...
some long gone forgotten creative of El Chuco...
commuting from the Crossroads
to the Sun City...
nearly always working.
She's glad she didn't get a ride
and walked to catch the bus to work.
Or she'd never have met this kind creative soul.
Time is all there is now...
to tell another day of how this friendship
may continue.

-- Chevalterre Nabil​