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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 Yama... - Death

"Prayer to Lord Yama"
Chevalterre Nabil/KLRabstracts - Nov - Dec '09

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Greetings and Salutations to you
Yes, you! Oh, Yama!

For in the form of time
it is that you punish.

(EspaƱol)- en una rama, tu Yama
tachas los muertos.-

For you are the lord of death,

I salute you, god of the law,
so righteous in action

You may have taken Osama...
Should you?
but not yet take Obama...
Oh, Yama
I greet you both
- Si, tu - y enseguida
la obscura dama --
la muerte –
- Namas-te!-

- Que tia la muerte
Y tio tan rico
es el dios
Yama! -

- Namas-te! -

I am blessed
for you've been steadfast
in the face of judgement

When I did not need to be sedated and violated

When I did not need to be abused and stalked

When I did not need to be twice drugged and robbed

When I needed to accept you...

to die alone and be Renacida - (Francaise) Renee - Reborn!

Yes, you blessed me
I overcame the fear
of your reign -

- est pour toi -- es por ti -
- que je vivre -- que vivire -
- Vive la vie! -- Viva la vida -
- et vive la morte! -- and Long live death -
- Je suis Renee -- I am Reborn.

Karma Llegua Renee artist
Chevalterre Nabil poet