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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unsettled Heart

by KLR before Chevalterre Nabil
28 June 2005
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
I feel like a mess
I feel like a fool
So many men with whom I'd lay
So many men that I would do
An easy way of relieving stress
That sleasy joy filling my pool
If only it were yesterday
When i still had you
Before I met sex
Our dreams we'd thread into a spool
We said we would stay
You said you'd write too
Our paths became so complex
My anxiety and impatience began to rule
I'm not yet old nor grey
Longer than a decade, since I saw you
The spool has not unraveled
I long to be in your arms
We've headed towards each other's way
Holding me, you missed me too
But our hearts have been graveled
And useless are my charms
Please don't let me become astray
I only want to be with you
All these men, they have me mangled
The curse on me must be lifted
Send me a sign for me to stay
Do not let me say "adieu"
This anxiety and impatience get me strangled
I'm reaching out for help, to be lifted.



Anonymous said...

Wow!!! my heart is so touched by this poem ccause it really touches home for me and how I have been feeling all this yrs and wondering lost and not understanding why til now. Amazing.... thank you. needed to read this.

Chevalterre Nabil said...

Dear Anonymous, forgive the delayed reply. Anyhow. Thank you for reading. I am glad you enjoyed it. You're welcome to read more anytime. There will be more poetry, especially the romantic kind, to come around April 2012. <3